Pretty girls make my heart ache

I’m wearing really cute black underwear and there’s no one here to place their hand on my butt and tell me how cute I am.

So I spent the whole day with my best friend and her boyfriend celebrating my birthday kinda late. They’re both fantastic but we’re all kinda tipsy and decided to do a huge sleep over on the pull out couch but now I’m just third wheeling while they fell asleep all cuddled up and cute and I’m here on the corner of the couch watching the tv.

Best ever👌 #FathersOffice  (at Father’s Office)
Can never be too excited to see your best friend 😁 (at Venice Beach)

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I had lunch with my mom today, and she knew I got stood up for a date last night and told my dad. So apparently last night my dad was like “Oh is she mad because of that?” and my mom laughed and was like “She doesn’t care about some guy. She doesn’t let things like that bother her” and then she looked at me and goes “I wish I was like you. Tough. And I don’t know how you don’t cry or aren’t as sensitive as me.” and I don’t know why but it kinda made me sound like some insensitive bitch.

I just need a awesome girl in my life
But my god are girls so intimidating

I’ve taken so much verbal abuse from the people who claim to love me, and they don’t even know how badly I’ve been effected by this.

No no its cool, tell me you wanna go out then never reply. Keep playing hard to get so I can keep sitting down and doing nothing. Its obviously working. 

I hit my first 1,000 followers wow.
That’s 1,000 people I’ll probably disappoint.
…I’m sorry guys

I hate that I look hella cute a lot and no ones there to appreciate me.

While waiting for my next class I just sit in my car and watch all the cuties walk by and die a little inside because I’m single, lonely and a loser 💀

Honestly I’m a loser who just wants to cuddle right now and maybe some butt touching I dunno

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