Successfully made Dijon Mustard grilled chicken topped with cheese and Pico de Gallo and it came out good and I’m so proud of myself 😭😊🙌 been cooking more and getting better yay!

Im hungry and sexually frustrated 100% of the time

Need to remind myself i did the right  thing and ill get over  the  loneliness 

For some reason our hallway smells like something’s on fire/burning but not the rest of the house or the rooms and only in two destiny spots is the smell strong so we think it’s something to do with the A/C unit but everyone’s terrified to go to sleep incase the house catches fire as we’re going to do a movie marathon but I think my everyone’s too weak and will fall asleep trough the first movie

I just wanna eat food, learn to play the drums, get laid, and get tattoos

Well guess who might be going to Florida in December

I’m still tired but my dream was just depressing and I’m afraid if I go back to sleep I’d keep having the same dream

*spots someone attractive*

*looks up at sky*

*throws arms up in air*



I just had a lovely body positive day. And to top it off i went into a store to see if they were hiring and turns out the assistant manager was my old friend from elementary school, who i haven’t seen in ages. Usually when i run into people they always say the same thing “Oh wow you look the same” which i absolutely hate, but this girl told me i look so different, pretty and cute and that just made my day and im very happy!

Sorry for the selfies but I felt very self confident today even if I have the biggest bitch face ever in this picture.
This picture pisses me off because my arms should be covered in tattoos by now. Some day.

You don’t know struggle unless you’ve purposely let your eye brow hair grow out because you wanna get them done the day before an event so you can slay but you gotta go like a whole week with some ratchet eyebrows and want to tell everyone that see you that they don’t always look like that and you look cute most of the time.

I’m apologizing now for all the porn that is to come that I had saved on my drafts…sorry.

Honestly the only reason I woke up today and getting ready to go out is because I was promised food. Chipotle to be exact. I went to bed early for this.

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