My eyeliner was on point today 🙌

I just want an ice creame sandwhich and some good dick honestly

My two main concerns currently are 1. I need to pass the semester and 2. I need to get laid

I love when my best friend calls me drunk because she’s supper sweet and keeps telling me how much she loves me

I’d like for you all to know I looked really cute today but I just couldn’t take a decent selfie so you’ll never see but you’ve all been informed on how cute I looked.

"If you don’t have the guts to get hurt, you don’t have a right to be in a relationship"

Preacher at church today

There’s this picture of me from back in senior year where I’m really fat and when I have low self confidence I look at it to make me feel better. I also cringe at the fact no one told me to lose weight.

I’m not afraid of the dark but I can’t kill a beetle without getting anxiety of it flying….

I always bitch about how I prefer talking to people vs texting but then someone calls me and I’m avoiding their calls because I don’t want to talk to them…I know I’m not the only one

Guess what? 💇
#tbt to idk when, sometime like last winter I think, but we’re cute as heck 😽 #bestfriend #lookathercuteface

It’s only the fucking second week of the semester and I got my ass beat and handed to me on a silver platter already. Way to start off 👏

I realized during October on tumblr there’s two sides:
1. People who can’t wait to drink pumpkin spice shit, wear scarves, go under fluffy blankets in the cold
2. Those who come out from the pits of hell to watch every horror movie marathon ever

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