Ok so I need some help. I made my list for FYF on who i want to see but i have some maybes but i dunno if they’re worth watching so if you’ve seen the following bands let me know how they are live:

So I have spent two hours scrolling through my archive desperately trying to find a post I need and I forgot to properly tag. And im going crazy.

I’m not even cranky…

It’s fucking 5am. And I’m wake. I spent yesterday with my best friend since 10am at her work, down to school, around Hollywood, took the train for the first time, went out on a girls night, helped her pack for her business trip, and stayed up will 3am because of her insomnia, and now I’m up at 5am making sure she’s getting ready for her flight. I freakin love this girl. Can’t wait for out matching tattoos.

Had such a good day. Kinda slow but good. Sadly didn’t spend much time at Amoeba but I walked all over Hollywood…to an extent. And I saw The Purge and loved it! Overall day with the best friend was lovely.

#need 💀 💕 (at Urban Outfitters)
Shadowed this one all day 💜 (at Hollywood, Ca)

Tip: Dont buy me flowers just pay for my tattoos

In all honesty if The Purge was real id probably steal clothes, a puppy, gasoline, candy, a new mattress.

Kinda wanna sit on someone’s lap and give them a boner.
Kinda wanna eat a whole pizza too.
Only one of those is happening tonight.

Forget doing shots on my 21st who wants to get tattooed?

I painted my nails a really fierce red and i feel like i can go eat a guys heart out now

At least a couple time a day I do something really awkward and just stop and whisper “I’m so fucking weird..”

So I’m sitting with my mom and sister eating lunch and my mom puts her 80’s music on shuffle and we’re all quiet and I notice in the song is singing about a girl who dances for money, so I commented on how it’s about a stripper. Well then my mom went off on how our music today is garbage and inappropriate. So when she finished we say there just awkwardly eating and listening to the song and a little after my mom just goes “yeah it’s about a stripper I see it now.”

My cousin who’s usually an asshole told me mid text that yesterday at the BBQ he noticed I look skinnier and I definitely lost weight and that’s a nice way to start my day after weeks of being very self conscious and bad body image.

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